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Here, you will find resources that we have prepared lovingly for you, and we are always preparing for and making fresh, new materials monthly, so this is the space to watch out for!

As eczema- and allergy-warriors ourselves, we carefully curate essential knowledge from the sea of information out there, because we believe all eczema Warriors should be equipped with the knowledge that you will need, so that YOU are empowered to make the right decisions for yourself, and your loved ones.

We have chosen to re-present the sometimes very medical-sounding information

  • Into Easy-to-Understand, layman-friendly materials,
  • Bite-Sized Nuggets so it the materials are not heavy (we hope!) and you can learn something even in the little pockets of time you can spare on your busy days (especially for the fatigued Caregivers with hectic schedules)
  • On Various Media Types (such as in an online lesson, as well as explained with motion in a video, or written about more in depth in an eBook, or explained face-to-face in a teaching web seminar), and with our background as educators, we have chosen to reiterate some more difficult-to-grasp concepts across various media platforms so that bits of essential can be grasped more fully than if it were taught from a textbook setting.

We have done this so that the massive and complex information on eczema and allergies becomes a lot easier to get a grip on, digest and then apply to daily life, to help you in your journey to healing naturally. Here are the various resources that are built for you, and we will continue to listen to you in all the channels available on AWE, so that we can put together materials that will meet your needs.

Resources Built For YOU

The following resources created on different types of media contain topics that are pertinent to eczema, TSW and allergies, and we have selected these topics through our experience from leading the Support Group in the last 4 years. Once again, even though we have a curriculum of essentials that we have planned for you, we welcome and look forward to your input on the topics you would like to see covered.

AWE’s 1st eBook on Inflammation – Book One of 3 Books

Most-researched Probiotic Strain Video Box
AWE Teaching Video Series – 1st Video – Most-Researched Probiotic Strain

TSW Online Lesson 1 with Quiz
AWE Online Course – TSW Online Lesson 1 with Quiz

AWE eBooks

AWE has written and will continue to prepare eBooks on topics pertinent to eczema, TSW and allergies, and these are meant for us to take a longer look at these topics. Our first eBook series is a 3-part Book on Eczema, Allergies & Inflammation – What Eczema Warriors Must Know About Inflammation & The Ways To Reduce It, a topic that affects all of us because less inflammation means less itch, less pain, and less redness.

AWE Online Courses: Mini Lessons with Quizzes

These are short, bite-sized, mini lessons that address crucial points that every TSW / eczema warrior should know, explained in a layman, easy-to-understand manner. Our first Online Course that we have rolled out is on Topical Steroid Withdrawal, an important topic we should nail down as eczema warriors because steroid creams are where most of us begin our eczema journey on.

AWE Teaching Video Series

These are designed to be short to bring concepts across to our Warriors in an easy-to-understand manner, employing both the auditory and visual senses to enhance learning.

AWE LIVE Web Teaching Seminars

We have planned for healthcare professionals, natural healthcare practitioners, Support Group leaders, veterans and other leaders in the natural health arena to address us in these Webinars. The LIVE Web Teaching Seminars are usually 45-min long, and will end with a Q&A Session so that YOU are able to interact with the Speaker and all Questions that are not able to be answered will be attended to after the Webinar ends. Again, please let us know what you would like to learn more about and we will try to arrange for relevant Webinars as far as it is possible to.  Accessible from anywhere worldwide

LIVE Support Calls

These are online support sessions that we will hold because each time we had a get-together in Singapore in the past years, whether it was a support session or even if it were a gathering of eczema warriors for a work meeting, the very essence of meeting together brought all the warriors that much more comfort, and the strength that we borrow from one another from these sessions help nudge us along in our difficult journey. However, we would like for our friends from all over the world to join us as well, and understanding that not everyone is well enough to travel, we decided on cyber Support Sessions! So now, you can join us from the comfort of your own homes, without having to shower or dress up first, because your webcam will not have to be turned on (don’t worry!). We pray you will be so blessed through these LIVE Support Calls.  Accessible from anywhere worldwide

Online Forum for Support

Just like our Support Group that was run on the Facebook platform earlier, our AWE Forum is also actively moderated by the AWE Coaches and Moderators. It is our strong belief that the Forum has to be moderated actively so that we share the right knowledge, knowing that there are many who have no time or desire to participate visibly, but are silent readers, so moderation is essential to keep the Forum relevant, supportive and comforting, as well as as factually correct as we are able to maintain it.


Classroom Courses

We have planned for and prepared a 15-hour Caregiver & Warrior Course that addresses all the pertinent points that a Caregiver to an eczema or TSW warrior would do very well to know and be armed with for your caregiving journey, and have also prepared segments in the Course to take care of the Caregiver, who is often a forgotten member of the household but in your giving, you may have given of yourself to the point of fatigue. More details of this Course will be released later. Currently, this Course is only available in Singapore as it is a physical, sit-in classroom course with some hands-on elements. If there is a need for it, we will consider holding this Course outside of Singapore.

Ad-Hoc Workshops and Outings

Currently, AWE organises Workshops and Events in Singapore. We have plans to have our Events held overseas depending on the demand for them. These are organised on an ad-hoc basis and AWE Super Warriors enjoy priority to seats in these events.


If you require more…

Beyond the Education and Support provided on our AWE Super Warrior platform, we have an separate, personal hand-holding, one-to-one programme for those who may need more help in your journey, especially if you have been applying steroid creams on your skin but find that the rash is worsening, you may want to take a look at the TSW Personalised Coaching Programme:

TSW Personalised Coaching Programme for the TSW warrior and their families

TSW Personalised Coaching Programme - Let's walk through the valleys together to reach your mountaintop!

This is a 3 months long hand-holding service that AWE provides so that in addition to the support from the AWE Community, you have a Personal Coach to walk with you through your TSW journey, Withdrawal from the addiction to the steroid creams and into healing naturally, even though the road ahead may be a very arduous one.

This Coaching Service is provided on a 3-month basis. At the end of every 3 months, we will review your progress, and if you feel you need more coaching, you can opt to continue as the need arises. This Programme is designed for BOTH

  • TSW warriors already in TSW
    • Who would do well with personal coaching on the TSW journey as well as
  • Eczema sufferers still on steroids
    • Wondering if they should embark on TSW, and
    • Who need the full, big picture on TSW as well as
    • To get your family on board in TSW education so they can fully support you in your TSW journey from Day One.

Let’s walk through the valleys together to reach your mountaintop!

Click here to find out more about this Personal Coaching Programme.