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Membership FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About the Membership

This section is to address questions that you may have about our website and the membership programme. Questions about eczema-related issues will be addressed in a separate section later.

Facebook is popular and good, but there are several problems that restrict its usefulness as a support group forum.

  1. Posts are only presented in a linear fashion based on the date that the last comment was posted and we are not able to categorise them in any other way, thus making it difficult to find similar questions that had already been asked and answered. Furthermore, even if you were very patient and willing to scroll down endlessly to access older posts, you may not be able to because Facebook will refresh the page when there are new posts and you find yourself back on top again.With our own forum, posts can be categorised and tagged in ways that help you to find posts that are relevant to your situation, condition or interest.
  2. Facebook has limited moderation features compared to a forum. Facebook groups and forums that do well are those that have active moderation but Facebook’s limited moderation abilities means that moderators would need to spend a lot more time to maintain the same level of quality of posts and information shared in the Forum.
  3. Resources in Facebook cannot be organised. You would need to plough through the long list before you can find what you need and I guess most people wouldn’t even bother to, which would defeat the purpose of the resources.
  4. For our purpose, some members actually prefer / require anonymity. While sharing in closed or secret groups helps to keep the content behind closed doors, so to speak, you still cannot share anonymously. It is possible to create another Facebook profile to interact with the Facebook group but that would take away one of the biggest advantage of using Facebook, which is convenience.
  5. For those of us deeply entrenched in the Facebook ecosystem, it may be impossible to imagine anyone without a Facebook account, but in reality, there are many people who don’t have a Facebook account or who prefer not to use Facebook. In recent years, there are also many people who have left Facebook for various reasons. As such, we believe we will be able to reach out and serve more people with than with a Facebook group.

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Short Answer: The sharing platform and resources are still FREE.

Our Facebook group has provided guidance, mentoring, sharing and helpful resources free-of-charge since March 2013 and that is not going to change. Whatever you received in the Facebook group, you will continue to get in for FREE, but in a better way.

On top of that, as a free member, you will also get discounts at our upcoming online store.

So we reiterate, we are NOT CHARGING you for what the community support and resources that you have been using in our Facebook group. We know some of you still have your doubts and we don’t blame you for that. We’re sorry we’ve not been able to win your trust yet but we hope you will join our free membership and give us a chance to prove ourselves.

Besides the free membership, we are also implementing a premium paid level through which we can provide

  • more resources
  • webinars
  • events
  • bigger discounts

to help you even better.

However, this is completely optional. You don’t have to join the premium membership to participate and benefit from our website but if you do see the value that we’ve jam-packed into our premium membership, do join us to get the most out of this membership.

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