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Away With Eczema is open to all races and religions and we welcome all of you. However, there are a few Christians in the management who would like to pray for those of you who are suffering, so we have set up this prayer request board for you to submit your prayer requests.

We understand that prayer requests are often sensitive, so you don’t have to let us know who you are when you submit your requests. We don’t have to know who you are because God knows.

Matt: Thank you God for all you have given me.I am male 55 yrs ,have exema on my face,depressed and need your healing thank you god
January 25, 2017
3 praying. – Pray Now.

Barnypok: KwMpxWwJthhfNMF
December 31, 2016
0 praying. – Pray Now.

Anonymous: My son is diagnosed with eczema 1 year back. He is 3 years old now and his legs and arms are very itchy and has red
January 13, 2016
2 praying. – Pray Now.

claudine: I have been out of prednisone for 5 months. I am desling with the very dry skin. Flaky in the morning and itchy. Still gets irritated at times. I have to cover myself in honey balm which gives me relief. God has showed me his mercies and strenght every second of the time and for Him is that I am still hoping for healing. Just pray for me so this will go away soon. I don’t go anywhere because I can’t cover my arms with anything. I feel horrible sensation because of the balm on my skin in contact with clothing so I wear my PJ’s all the time with no sleeves. I live in Canada so the cold weather doesn’t help me to go aout on my thin tank top. Thank you.
November 17, 2015
4 praying. – Pray Now.

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