Are You Feeling Lonely, Lost and Poor In Your Struggle Against Eczema?

If you have been struggling with eczema for a period of time, then you would have experienced these after-effects of eczema. Despite the prevalence of eczema nowadays (about 10% of the population suffer from eczema), many people are still ignorant about eczema and think that it’s some kind of contagious disease that require us to be quarantined! How many of us have been ostracised? How many of us have had to endure suspicious stares? How many of us have been flogged by hurtful remarks? How many of us have been told we’re stupid for not subjecting ourselves to the devastating consequences of steroids? If only eczema were just a skin-deep condition!

If you’re lucky enough to have mild eczema, the kind that came and went away by itself or with some moisturisers, then thank God and get out of here. You don’t need us. Most of us have seen too many doctors, physicians, nutritionists, concerned friends and well-meaning strangers who have been generous with their advice, except that many things they said contradict what another person said. How not to be confused?

According to western medicine, there is no cure for eczema. You can only control it. So what do you do? You go for numerous doctor consultations and buy loads of medicines and creams. You switch to organic food, hypoallergenic shower gel and shampoo, anti-itch creams, moisturisers, organic bamboo clothing, etc, etc. You buy anti-dust mite mattresses and pillows and invest in that high-end vacuum cleaner which costs $3000. What do all these have in common? They suck you dry financially.

Thank God For “Eczema Without Steroids” Membership Club!

Hi, my name is Grace Ng, a veteran eczema sufferer and I’m here to tell you that there’s hope! On our own, we are limited in our ability to cope with these problems but when we come together, our combined effort will synergistically multiply our abilities. We are very proud to introduce the “Eczema Without Steroids” Membership Club, through which we hope to alleviate these problems that we all know too well:

  • Being alone in our battle
  • Being unsure about what to do in a flare, or extreme itch or allergic reaction
  • Being depleted financially from trying so many products and treatments

“Eczema Without Steroids” Is a Caring Community

“Eczema Without Steroids” is a great community of fellow eczema sufferers who have spent decades struggling with eczema. Many of them have learnt things the hard way and are now ready to hand you valuable advice to help you cut short your learning curve. As fellow sufferers, we know how difficult and painful the journey can be. Many of us have been blessed to meet truly caring, concerned and loving EWS (Eczema Without Steroids members) and we warmly invite you to join us. Here, you won’t be ostracised and you won’t get suspicious glares from ignoramuses. Put simply, you will never walk alone.


Eczema Without Steroids Is a Learning Centre

With so much information and misinformation going on around us, it is vital to arm ourselves with knowledge so that we won’t be misled. Product sellers will tell you things based on what the product manufacturers teach them. Doctors will tell you what their textbooks and lecturers taught them. Friends and relatives will tell you about that special remedy that worked for their friends and relatives. Who is right? Who is wrong? No one has a monopoly of the truth when it comes to eczema.

The only thing we can do is learn as much as we can so that we can be more discerning when people push their beliefs down our throats. At Eczema Without Steroids, we are committed to sifting through the sea of information, researching what you need to know, and repackaging them into bite-sized, easy-to-understand lessons. We believe that once we get our facts right, we will have a tremendous anti-bullshit mechanism in our system and we will be clearer on what we need to do.

Join Us and Learn Now

“Eczema Without Steroids” is a Money-Saver

Coping with eczema can be financially draining. Unfortunately we cannot help you to make more money but we can help you to spend less. Besides running “Eczema Without Steroids”, we also operate which has been serving many eczema sufferers. With the launch of the “Eczema Without Steroids” membership, we will also launch a special Members-Only store with better-than-usual discounts and it is our desire to increase our discounts as our community grows bigger. We are also in the midst of negotiating discounts with vendors of relevant products and services to help you save even more money.

Join us and save money now

Who Is Behind “Eczema Without Steroids” and Why Should You Listen To Us?

“Eczema Without Steroids” is founded by me, Grace Ng, a fellow eczema sufferer who’s not just “been there, done that” but “still here and doing it”.  This is my story.

  • I had eczema since I was a young toddler,
  • Grew addicted to topical steroids, and
  • Struggled through Topical Steroids Withdrawal (TSW) on my own without knowledge of any support group in 2008
  • In my 3rd year of TSW, my younger son Percy also became addicted to topical steroids as I did not know that the wonder cream prescribed for Percy by the paediatrician was actually a Class 4 potent steroid cream and had been applying on him for more than a year and therefore,
  • We had 2 of us in the family who had to struggle through TSW without support or information, and life was really dismal because I did not know that we would eventually heal from TSW.
  • I craved for understanding and support from people who could understand what I was going through, and how itchy I was, and would have done so much better if I had access to
  • Dependable information on eczema, Topical Steroid Addiction and Withdrawal both of which I know nothing of back then.
  • I also had allergies which were the main reason for my 12 surgeries, mostly failed ones, and some a direct consequence from applying topical steroids.
  • At present, I have
    • Lost all my 3 hearing bones in my left ear from a growth that came about from 6 earlier failed surgeries in that ear
    • Lost 80% of my sense of hearing in my left ear (after the 7 surgeries)
    • Had retinal detachment in my left eye
    • Had a cataract removed from my left eye
    • Still a cataract in my right eye
    • Lost partial vision in my left eye as the emergency for retinal detachment left its side effects and the 2 reconstructive surgeries done after that failed to restore my vision and
    • Lost my ability to remember things well as a side effect from the General Anaesthesia used for all 12 surgeries so I am always forgetting who I have spoken with, etc

So you see, I know first-hand the pains and difficulties or eczema and I have experienced and am still experiencing the catastrophic consequences, complications and side effects that come from misinformation, mistreatment and misguided professionals. While I’m not saying at all that I know better than the professionals what you need to do for your eczema, I think I can speak with some authority on what you should avoid and what you should look out for to make your healing journey less painful.

If Eczema Without Steroids is just about me, it would not be as valuable as what it is. Besides me, we also have a dedicated group of passionate and knowledgeable volunteers, most of whom are suffering from eczema or who are caregivers of a loved one who is suffering from eczema.

Is “Eczema Without Steroids” For You?

If you, or your loved one, is struggling with eczema or had eczema it the past, then “Eczema Without Steroids” may be for you. More specifically, it is for you if you want to overcome eczema naturally without steroids or other harmful chemicals.

While we’re aware that most doctors out there dish out steroids too readily at the slightest instance of eczema, we’re even more aware of the dangers of steroids. The risks of using steroids is well-documented and doctors themselves are aware of them.

[su_note note_color=”#99cc00″]

Ongoing Medical Research Worldwide

(Full research citations below)

One of the founding fathers of research on Addiction to and Withdrawal from Topical Steroids is Dr Mototsugu Fukaya MD, JDA. His 7-chapter book [1] written with experience of having brought more than 3000 eczema sufferers out of Topical Steroid Withdrawal continues to teach and inspire thousands of eczema sufferers contemplating the horrific Withdrawal process for themselves.

The American National Eczema Association has just released a new medical research paper last November 2014, confirming the addiction to and need for withdrawal from steroid creams in eczema sufferers [2]. A growing number of dermatologists in Japan and USA have also walked more than 5000 eczema patients through Topical Steroid Withdrawal, out of addiction to topical steroids, into beautiful, healed skin. With the formation of the task force by the American NEA to look into TSA / TSW, the Japanese dermatologists responded with another study to describe the clinical features of topical steroid addiction or red burning skin syndrome. [3]  In June 2013, New Zealand Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Authority announced that the New Zealand Dermatological Society Recognizes Severe Topical Steroid Rebound [4] even though the topical steroid prescribed belongs to the lowest class of steroids, hydrocortisone 0.5%.

Medical References

1. Steroid Addiction 2010 – I’d like to request the Japanese Dermatological Association to remedy its guideline for management of atopic dermatitis. Mototsugu Fukaya MD, Japan Dermatological Association (ISBN978-4-901402-47-7 C3047) 7 chapter book on Topical Steroid Withdrawal

2. A systematic review of topical corticosteroid withdrawal (“steroid addiction”) in patients with atopic dermatitis and other dermatoses. Hajar T, Leshem YA, Hanifin JM, Nedorost ST, Lio PA, Paller AS, Block J, Simpson EL; (the National Eczema Association Task Force). J Am Acad Dermatol. 2015 Mar;72(3):541-549.e2. doi: 10.1016/j.jaad.2014.11.024. Epub 2015 Jan 13. Review. PMID: 25592622

3. Topical steroid addiction in atopic dermatitis. Fukaya M, Sato K, Sato M, Kimata H, Fujisawa S, Dozono H, Yoshizawa J, Minaguchi S. Drug Healthc Patient Saf. 2014 Oct 14;6:131-8. doi: 10.2147/DHPS.S6920. eCollection 2014. Review. PMID: 25378953

4. Steroid Rebound – A Topical Issue New Zealand Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Authority: New Zealand Dermatological Society Recognizes Severe Topical Steroid Rebound even though the topical steroid prescribed belongs to the lowest class of steroids, hydrocortisone 0.5%. Prescriber Update 34(2):16–17 June 2013[/su_note]

Many of them will tell you that steroid creams are safe for use IF you use them according to the instructions but there is a big problem here. First, safe according to doctors and researchers means that the benefits outweigh the potential risks. It does not mean you will not experience any adverse effects. It only means that you are less likely to experience the side-effects, and even if you do, they think it’s worth it.

But do you really want to play the chance game with your own health? Eczema only affects the minority, about 10% to 20% of the population, but you got it anyway. How lucky will you be with the side-effects?

Apart from the usual side-effects, there is a very big danger of you experiencing Topical Steroid Addiction (TSA) and Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW) which will cause A LOT MORE problems and pains than eczema without steroids. This is something that most doctors are still unconvinced because the official studies on this is still limited but thankfully, more studies and reports are coming out and some doctors are becoming aware of this.

In short, Eczema Without Steroids membership is for those who

  • choose natural over synthetic and food over drugs.
  • Need support and companionship in their struggle with eczema
  • Need more information, knowledge and direction on how to cope with eczema
  • Want to save money
  • Want to adopt a healthier lifestyle to reduce the chances of a relapse
  • Want to help others in their struggle with eczema

If any of the above describes you, we welcome you to join our community and we think you will benefit from our membership.


So What Do You Get In the “Eczema Without Steroids” Membership?

The “Eczema Without Steroids” membership will have 2 levels, a free basic level through which you will get access to the community and basic education and a premium VIP level which will give you full access to all that we can offer.

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Regular Price (Monthly) FREE US$29/mth
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Launch Promo (Monthly)   US$20/mth
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Pre-launch Special Promo





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Save more and pay only S$260 when you pay via bank transfer in Singapore.


Our Facebook group has been supporting thousands of eczema sufferers like you for several years but we’re now finally taking it to the next level with our membership programme. We’re still in pre-launch mode, which means, most of the sections on the website are still under construction but we’d like to invite you to join us during this pre-launch phase so that we can launch with a big bang together.

As a pre-launch member, you will play a critical role in shaping our programmes and direction. To show our appreciation and thank you for believing in us, we have put together a very special pre-launch package which we’re sure will benefit you.

Pre-launch Special VIP Package
  • Special Pre-Launch Price For Life
  • Personalised T-Shirt
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Special Pre-Launch Price For Life

As you can see, our launch promotion is already a good 30% off the regular price (US$220 per year vs US$319 per year) but we’re going to make it even sweeter for those of you who join us now. Instead of the launch promotion price of US$220, you will only pay US$200 per year, which is almost 40% off the usual price. What’s more, so long as you don’t quit, you will continue to pay this price for the lifetime of your membership. You won’t have to pay the regular price and you will not be affected by any price increases.

Personalised T-Shirt

All members who choose the annual payment will get a free T-Shirt but you will receive it Personalised for Free.  Those who join us later will have to pay for the personalisation if they want that, but you will get it free with your free tee.

Discount Credits at For Purchases at Health Champions

Many of you are already customers at so this will attract will. While we have not finalised the exact discounts, we assure you that for VIP members, the discounts for most, if not all, products will be higher than what you’re getting at currently. For a start, we’re looking at at least 10% to 20%

If you join us at the pre-launch phase, we will backdate the higher discounts for all purchases made from 1st of April 2015 and credit it to you for your future purchases at For some of you, this alone will pay for the VIP membership fee.

Extended Membership

It’s not fair to make you join us early while we’re still building the site so we’ll only start counting down from August, even though we’re officially launching in July. This means that you’ll get 2 more months for free!

Priority Invitation To Launch Party

To celebrate our launch, we’re organising a party where we can get to know you and you can get to meet the team behind Eczema Without Steroids, and also our TCM Physician who has been helping so many of us in the Support Group, Physician Mark. We will also meet with Dr Teoh Mei Shi (most probably online as we can’t afford to fly Dr Teoh in this time round), a TSW Warrior herself who has healed without steroids. I believe this Launch Party will help us build stronger bonds and help us to better support each other in our journey. We’ve not finalised anything yet but we’re thinking of having it at a cafe or restaurant that supports healthy living, like a gluten-free restaurant or an organic cafe. Whatever it is, there will be limited seats and I suspect it will be fully booked before we even before we start our launch promotion. Therefore, all Pre-Launch Premium Members will have your seats reserved for this Launch Party 🙂 See you there!


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